Hansel Media signs promotion deal with Cameroon delegation of Arts and Culture

 Ngwane Hansel (Hansel Media) and Mme Grace Ewang (S.W Del. of Culture)

The online media promotion company, Hansel Media has recently signed a promotion partnership with the South West Regional Delegation of Arts, and Culture, Cameroon. This online promotion deal comes at the heels of the South West Cultural Festival (code-named “EKOSANI”) which will take place in Kumba from November 21 through 28, 2015. Continue reading

Hansel Media launches Online Media award

OMPC pic_2








The Cameroonian-based online promotion company, Hansel Media has launched the “Online Media Participation for Change” Award for young Cameroonian students who, through their online activities are impacting change in their communities. The first edition of the award, however, will be limited to journalism students of the University of Buea, and will be presented at their end of year prize award ceremony on 20 June 2015. 

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