Hansel Media joins the Ban’tikar arts workshop for kids

The Ban’tikar arts workshop for kids is currently in its 9th edition, with its main objective to teach kids the sacred use of arts as well as its responsible use. Speaking to the Hansel Media team, Mr. Mbang Joseph, the general coordinator of the Ban’tikar arts workshop emphasized on the positive impact of such a program on kids. According to him, the relaxed and informal atmosphere serves a more practical learning platform for the kids.

He further stated that kids who signed up for the Ban’tikar arts workshop experienced development in their academic performance and social cognitive skills. The arts courses offered include:

  • Painting – coordinated by Max Lyonga
  • Acting – coordinated by Anurin Nwunembom
  • Photography – coordinated by Willston Mokom
  • Music – coordinated by Dr. Alex Tazinya & Egbewatt Mwanga (former Ban’tikar student)
  • Dance – coordinated by Teke Nelson & Ange


Ngwane Hansel giving a lesson on Effective Online Communication

The CEO of Hansel Media, Ngwane Hansel presented a 30 minute discussion on “Effective Online Communication” to the kids. In his discourse, he stressed on the importance of the proper use of online communication in respect to the message sent, the people involved and the technology used. He also urged kids to understand the value of online communication before they get engaged into social media.

The coordinator of the Ban’tikar arts workshop urged parents to understand the importance of diversification during holidays, and send their kids to acquire different skills. To him, the kids learn through playing and get a more handy approach through this method. He further stated that the lack of instruments and proper location are their biggest challenges.

The Ban’tikar arts workshop will be having a final showdown on Friday 12th August 2016 at the Catholic Hall – Lowerfarms, Buea at 5pm. This grand finale will be used to showcase what the kids have learnt throughout their 6 week arts program. Worthy of note is the fact that the name “BAN’TIKAR” is coined from two prominent African tribes – The Bantu and the Tikars. These two tribes are are known for putting Africa on the cultural map.

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