Editorial: Are you smarter than your smart phone?


"Don’t just use a smart phone. Be smarter than it".

Smart phones are here. But how did they appear? Mobile technology is no strange matter in today’s society. A technology that was introduced to the elderly, then later transformed into the “smart” phone. Now they are owned by the young ones who now have an important tool in their hands, albeit with little idea of its power. These phones might be smart, but the users are definitely not.

Smart phones are generally normal mobile phones with enhanced features, but its purpose stays the same – instant communication. This ushered a new awareness or smartness for users who made seized this opportunity and increased their productivity. With time, mobile phones became smarter… unfortunately smarter than the users.

Today, most users are carried away by the complete transformation of mobile phones, much to the pleasure of smart phone companies and phone app creators. We have deviated from the main purpose of communication. Rather than searching for opportunities to grow, we search for opportunities to drag down others. Rather than sharing important information, we churn viral garbage.

In the hands of a cook, a knife is a tool; but in the hands of a thief, it becomes a weapon. So too are the smart phones we posses. Sadly, we have become tools of our own tools, rather than masters of them. There is so much to gain from the use of smart phones, not limited to the use of face changing apps or the unconscious “swag” competition. Don’t just use a smart phone. Be smarter than it.




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